Search and Rescue

Search & Rescue Team


Search and Rescue Team
Mission Statement

The Uinta County Search and Rescue Team (SAR) is a totally volunteer organization dedicated to finding lost individuals and returning them to safety. SAR operated at the direction of the Uinta County Sheriff.

Our area of operation is within the political boundaries of Uinta Country, Wyoming. We will operate outside the county and outside Wyoming upon request of other agencies and the permission of the Uinta County Sheriff.

Search and Rescue services we provide include:

  • Horseback, surface vehicle, snowmobile and foot searches
  • Tracking of lost individuals
  • Communication
  • Emergency Locator-Transmitter tracking
  • Emergency support to various community agencies with Sheriff’s permission.

Services we do not provide include:

  • Air Search and Rescue
  • Over water search and rescue
  • Under water search and rescue
  • EMT service
  • Canine Search Teams

Should these services be deemed necessary by the search administrator, arrangements will be made to call in certified teams in the disciplines required.

Community Service is our goal and to further that goal we also provide the following programs:

  • Hug –a-Tree and Survive
  • Child ID in association with the Uinta County Sheriff’s Office
  • Limited security service to nonprofit organizations, events as approved by the Uinta County Sheriff.

The Uinta County Search and Rescue are comprised of two active teams each directed by an elected Team Captain, under the direction of Uinta County Sheriff. One team’s home base is on the west or the Evanston Side of the County, with the second team located on the East or Bridger Valley side of Uinta County. Both coordinating and working together to provide the service needed as quickly as possible.

Our Search and Rescue members are dedicated volunteers, who give of their time, hearts, and talents to serve their neighbors, and community. Their only reward is the knowledge that they have helped their fellow person who was in need.