Access Permits

To construct a new access onto a county right of way or county road from your property, an Access Permit would be required. The proposed access would be subject to restrictions contained in the Uinta County Road Access Encroachment Resolution. The Road & Bridge Foreman may place additional stipulations on the access at discretion. 

The applicant would construct and maintain access in a safe manner so as not to interfere with or endanger public travel and to perform all work in a neat and workmanlike manner, using materials per County Road Standards and that the right-of-way will be cleaned and left in a condition equal to or better than the original condition. The applicant will fully protect traffic on the County Road during construction covered hereunder by proper barricades, flagmen and/or lights, and to hold harmless Uinta County, its officers and employees from all damages, expenses, claims or liability arising out of any alleged damages of any nature to any person or property, due to the construction, performance or nonperformance of work, or existence of said access.

No access shall be constructed such that there will be parking or servicing of vehicles on the county road right-of-way.

The maximum width of the proposed access shall be 20 feet for agricultural or residential and 30 feet for commercial, industrial or a subdivision roadway.

The applicant can submit an Access Permit to the Uinta County Planning & Zoning office for review.