Case Types

Civil Cases

Case types include Torts, Contracts, Real Property Rights, as well as miscellaneous civil matters such as Emancipation of Minors and Name Changes, Registration of Foreign Orders and Transcript of Foreign Orders.

Domestic Relations Cases

Case types include Marriage Dissolutions and Separations, Support and Custody, Paternity, Termination of Parental Rights, Grandparental Visitation Rights, Registration of Foreign Family Violence Protection Orders, and Uniform Family Interstate Support Acts (UIFSA) actions.

Criminal Cases

All felony cases.

Juvenile Cases

Includes Delinquency, Child In Need of Supervision, and Neglect/Abuse cases.


Includes Probate of Estates, Probate Intestate cases, Guardianship, Conservatorship and Trusteeship cases.


Includes Adoption cases and Confidential Intermediary cases.

Involuntary Commitment Cases

Includes Emergency Detention and Involuntary Hospitalization Cases


Includes appeals from Circuit Court, Municipal Court, and Administrative Agencies.