NOAA Weather Radio

Radio Broadcasting

The National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), which oversees the National Weather Service, uses dedicated radio frequencies to broadcast routine and emergency weather information, watches and warnings.

These broadcasts can be heard with a NOAA Weather Radio available at electronics stores. These special radios have an alerting capability. The broadcasts are 24 hours a day.

NOAA Weather Radios accept supplemental warning attachments such as lights or shakers.

Police Scanners

"Police scanners" can also be used to monitor NOAA frequencies. Many CB radios also have the weather channel. The NOAA Weather Radio frequency for the Evanston area is 162.450 MHz. In Bridger Valley, in many places you can pick up broadcasts from Evanston 162.450 MHz and Rock Springs 162.550 MHz. The broadcast includes current conditions and forecasts locally as well as the surrounding area.