Communicable Disease


This section is devoted to all Communicable Disease.  

There is other helpful information for the most common communicable diseases, and

information on any outbreaks happening locally.

For Healthcare providers and Veterinarians, there is a list of Reportable Diseases that must be reported to Wyoming Department of Health as required by Wyoming State Statute 35-4-107.  In addition, if you are a patient and are concerned that your diagnosis may be on this list, you may also "self report" by calling the Wyoming Department of Health at 877-996-9000

 To report any outbreak          information, after hours,              please call

               Information from CDC-Communicable Disease

After getting shots, your child may feel "uncomfortable" or be "fussy".

Click here for a document that can help you figure out how to deal with these times, and when to seek help from your healthcare provider. Our goal is happy and healthy people throughout the County.

Do I really NEED shots?

Some previously eradicated diseases have emerged again, and cases are on the rise. This video talks about the pros and cons of not vaccinating your children.

Vaccinate Your Baby.Org

has a wonderful resource book to help you ensure you get your child's vaccinations by the age of two. Click the title "Vaccinate Your Baby to view this helpful tool.

If you still have questions, please call our office and we will be happy to help you.

Check out the Photo Book in the slide show of Preventable Communicable Diseases below.

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