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Public Health offers a broad range of services targeted to adults - to help them stay healthy and avoid disease, achieve wellness, and access healthcare when needed.

Anyone interested in improving their health can work with a nurse through our Adult Wellness Program to set and achieve goals for overall health and wellness.  The program can include such concerns as high blood pressure, smoking cessation, weight loss, Diabetes education, etc.  Good health is for every body:  young or old, tall or short,  it's up to you to be the best you can be.....we can help.

We have a list of resources, with local and area partners to share with you.  Make that first step and give us a call.                                Evanston  307-789-9203           Bridger Valley  307-787-3800

Mens and Womens Health Checklist
Family Health Tree  - 
Are you over 50 years old? There may be a screening test you really need to take..... click the over 50 link to find out more.
Body Piercing and Your Health - Basic information, advice and warnings regarding body piercings.
Diabetes  Education:  For anyone concerned about Diabetes, whether newly diabetic, pre-diabetic or more long-term, get support and education in managing the condition.  Our nurses stay up-to-date on the latest information about Diabetes and being motivated in management techniques.