Immunizations & Vaccines


In this section you will find helpful information vaccines recommendations and tips for vaccines available in our offices.

There are so many vaccines, and new ones show up every day.  We do Seasonal Flu Shot Clinics, Travel Vaccines, and in the case of a new or emerging infectious disease, we are prepared to provide the required pharmaceuticals to protect you.   Below are some of the most common vaccines given, with links to more information.  You are welcome to do research on each before you come to a clinic, and if you still have questions, write them down and let one of our professionals answer your concerns.  

Create a Personalized Vaccine Schedule

Make a Schedule for Your Child for those birth through 6 years.  For a complete list of recommended immunizations, just select your child’s birth date. You can personalize it by adding your child's name. Once printed, review with your child's doctor.

 Immunize on time every time.
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Some previously eradicated diseases have emerged again, and cases are on the rise.  This video talks about the concerns of not vaccinating your children.

You may call our office to visit with a nurse about vaccines and immunizations for you or your family. 789-9203 in the Evanston area, or   787-3800 in the Bridger Valley.