Economic Development Commission

Our Mission

The Mission of the Uinta County Economic Development Commission is to build a strong and aggressive economic development program that will strengthen existing businesses and build greater diversity by recruiting additional quality and compatible businesses and industries.

Our Purpose

The Commission shall plan for and promote orderly economic development and promote cooperation and coordination among local governments and between levels of government to facilitate economic growth.


Uinta County is poised to become the business, industrial, communications, educational and recreation hub in Southwest Wyoming. This part of Wyoming has never been, or remained a secret to those seeking a better, more profitable way of life.

Uinta County has witnessed pioneer settlers locating here during our Nation's westward expansion. Every major route to the West, including the Oregon and California Trails, passed through Uinta County. The Union Pacific Railroad runs through the County and played a major role in the local economy. The discoveries of coal, oil and natural gas in the area allowed for further improvements in the business climate, social amenities and infrastructure of this part of Wyoming.

Uinta County is truly business friendly. Along with a myriad of State and local business support organizations available, Uinta County offers some very attractive business incentives - through its tax structure. It is safe to say the average business owner here pays lower taxes than a business owner in any other state.