About Wy Taxes

In Wyoming There Are:

· No state or local personal income taxes.
· No state or local corporate taxes.
· No state of local inventory taxes.

Uinta County's Assessed Valuation

· For FY 2002 – FY 2003 is $696,537,548.
· Industrial property is assessed at 11.5% of Market Value.
· Commercial and residential property is assessed at 9.5% of Market Value.
· Personal Property, e.g. machinery and equipment, is assessed at the same rat as the classification in which it is used.
· Property tax if figured by multiplying the assessed value by the mill levy.
· Total mill levies for Uinta County vary by district, from 61.945 mills to 72.149 mills.
· Total Sales/Use Tax is 4% state sales tax plus 1% additional county tax.
· There is a Capital Facilities Tax of 1% for water system improvements.
· There is an additional 2% Lodging Tax in the community of Evanston.