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Record Books (Portfolios)

Record Book Sheets
(Traditional record books.  Use this option if you want to compete for Record Book Awards at Achievement Night.)

**NEW** Click here if you want to do the PILOTED 4-H record books. 
You can be try the new on-line record books. This record book is in a test pilot stage and can be utilized by anyone willing to test them out and give the Extension Office some feedback. They are available at:

If you choose to use this option all you have to do is give us documentation that you have logged an experience or completed one of the record pages and you will automatically receive a gold achievement award for this year. A couple of points about this option:
 ★    You use the same login information as you use to sign-up for 4-H in the 4-H online system.
 ★    Be sure to hit the sync button when you start the process so that the projects your child is enrolled in will show up in the project section.
 ★    If you do not want to compete for record book awards, you may want to try out this new option.
 ★    We can not guarantee this will be the new book that we will all be using next year. It will be decided on after we receive feedback from numerous counties across the state.
 ★    If you have been in 4-H for a few years and have not been on top of keeping your record book up-to-date this may be a great option for you to select, as you will automatically get a gold for trying it out. You will just need to provide documentation (by printing a page) you have logged information into the program.
 ★    I shared with a number of families that there was suppose to be an app that was going to support this record book but it has not been completed yet so you will need to work on this through the internet connection.
 ★    The export option that is suppose to move your information into an excel sheet is currently not working.

If you need help with anything dealing with record books, Dawn is happy to help you -- just give us a call.