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In regards to record books, we hope this will answer many of your questions. If, after reading this, you still have questions, please give us a call and we will be happy to help you.

A couple of changes for this year in terms of record books:
  • The state 4-H scholarship application process is no longer based off a 4-H member’s record book. Youth now submit a scholastic resume as their application. The complete explanation of how to apply for these scholarships can be found on that state 4-H web-site at:
  •  In Uinta County, the 4-H Council has revamped the awards that will be given out this year for record books. To earn one of these awards the youth must turn in their record book to the 4-H office by September 17, 2019.
  • For juniors – their books will be judged the same as in the past. Awards will be given for each project area based off points earned on all 8 sections of the record book.
  • For intermediates and seniors --awards will not be given for each specific project areas such as beef, dogs, etc. Instead there will be an overall winner for sections 1, section 2 and so forth.
  • ~ For those youth that have utilized the on-line record book system just an update, it has not been developed any further than it was 2 years ago. So we are not going to utilize that record keeping system for this year. It still does not have a way to print anything out of the system in a readable format. Therefore, it is not very beneficial to our members’ long-term. If you have already started your record book in the on-line system for this year, please give the 4-H office a call and we will help make sure you get credit for your work.

So What Do You Do For This Year?
With these changes in place, we are going to move forward this year with the hard copy record book pages that can be printed off the Uinta County 4-H web-site at: Youth can hand write or type these pages. There are 8 sections that the youth will need to complete:
Section 1 - Project pages
Section 2 - 4-H Awards and Honors
Section 3 - Leadership
Section 4 - Community Service
Section 5 - 4-H Participation
Section 6 - 4-H Story
Section 7 - 4-H Photographs and Clippings
Section 8 - Other Organizational Involvement

The 4-H Council will still be recognizing youth at the annual achievement night award’s program for gold and silver award winners. For a youth to earn a gold achievement award (3 points towards the honors club) they must complete one project page in section 1 as well as have at least one entry in sections 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. For a youth to earn the silver achievement award (1 point towards the honors club) they need to complete a project page in section 1.

As in the past, youth can complete their record pages and submit them to their 4-H leaders who can mark them off for a gold or silver achievement award or bring them into the Extension Office to get marked off.

Youth that earn 19 points over the course of their 4-H years, from their record books, will be inducted into the Wyoming 4-H Honors Club. The honors club is similar to the National Honors Society in school.

If you do not have access to a printer at your house to print these record pages off, please stop by the Extension Office and we are happy to provide you printed copies. We will also provide a 3-ring notebook to hold the record pages for all 1st year members.

Please note if you are going to type in these fill-able record pages, please be sure to save them on your computer and then type in them from there. Do not open them up from the web-site browser and start typing directly into the forms, because when you go to print them off it may leave part of the sections blank. Also, the Firefox  and Safari browsers do not work well with these fill-able files.

If you need help with anything dealing with record books, Dawn is happy to help you -- just give us a call -- 783-0570 or 782-7432 x 32.