How Property Taxes Are Calculated

Once the assessed value has been established, a mill levy is applied to this value to determine the general taxes. Any special taxes if applicable are then added to the general tax to result in our total tax bill. Special taxes include Allotted Bridger Valley Water Conservancy, Bridger Valley Water and Fort Bridger Water and Sewer.

Property Classification & Assessment Ratios

  • Gross production of minerals and mine products (taxed at 100% less deductions)
  • Property used for industrial purposes (taxed at 11.5%)
  • Real and personal (taxed at 9.5%)

Tax Example

  • Step 1
    Market Value of Property $100,000
    x Assessment Ratio 9.5%
    Assessed Value = $9,500
  • Step 2
    Assessed Value $9,500
    x Mill Levy .067408
    General Tax Due $640.38
  • Step 3
    Add any special tax that may be applied within the assessment district.