Scrapbook of Past Exhibits



An exhibit featuring in artifacts and
photographs of Chief Washakie
and the Shoshones in western Wyoming.


This exhibit contained information about
some of the Indian Tribes in this area with
maps, photographs and artifacts.


This exhibit was about Family Ranches
in Uinta County featuring families living
on homestead ranches after several
generations. The exhibit featured DVD
stories, artifacts, oral histories and


A collection of handmade and collected
dolls of Janis Smith, a local collector.
History in a Hundred Years.jpg

History in 100 Years

A city-wide fourth grade project that was
a selection of currently used items that
they used and thought should be in a
museum in 100 years.
Buttons Pins.jpg


An exhibit covering the Geological Surveying
Expedition to Uinta County lead by
Alfred R. Schults in 1905. The exhibit
included artifacts and photographs.
Boom Bust.jpg

Buttons & Pins

You are what you wear. A collection of
buttons and pins that say a lot about
who we are.

Boom & Bust

This exhibit was critical and sometimes
funny look at how the energy boom and
bust affected Evanston from 1976 to 1984.