Being a mentor can be a worthwhile experience. Building meaningful relationships with youth through one-on-one mentoring or group mentoring is the foundation of the 4-H Mentoring Program. Without quality volunteer mentors, the program could not exist. An African Proverb states, “A person becomes a person through other people.” Research has shown that youth need interaction with adults other than parents for their development.

How Do I Sign Up to Be a Mentor?

The first step is to fill out a mentoring application. Applications are available at the Uinta County Extension Office. The application process will include a background check and training sessions. Following the application process, each mentor is matched with one to four youth. The 4-H Mentoring Program Coordinators will provide ongoing training and activities to support you in this important role.

We are looking forward to you joining us in this essential and important program. This can be a very rewarding relationship for both you and the mentees, but will require commitment and work in order to be successful. We hope you will join in this unique challenge to make a difference.

Your Commitment

  • Weekly contact with mentee
  • Attend training provided by program coordinators
  • Encourage your mentee and their family to attend Family Night Out activities
  • Monthly Reporting

Mentor Training