Information about the Vaccine Program

What is WyVIP?

The Wyoming Vaccinates Important People (WyVIP) program provides vaccines for children through many healthcare providers using state and federal funding.

What are “required” vaccines?

Under Wyoming’s rules, proof of certain immunizations is needed for school. Required for kindergarten: DTaP, Polio, MMR, Hepatitis-B, HIB, and Varicella vaccines. Required for 7th grade: Series completion of the other vaccines and Tdap.

In addition, there is some ongoing question about vaccines and recent outbreaks.

Do I really NEED shots? ?

Some previously eradicated diseases have emerged again, and cases are on the rise. This video talks about the pros and cons of not vaccinating your children.

I don’t have insurance. How will I pay?

Federal dollars are used to buy some vaccines for children who are uninsured through the WyVip program. We do accept Cash, Credit Card, and Personal Checks.

What happens if my child doesn't qualify for federal help? I have insurance.

Uinta County Public Health will offer all required and recommended vaccines to children eligible for the federal vaccine program, as well as all required vaccines to children with insurance. All “required” vaccines will continue to be offered for only a small donation. Many insurance companies will cover the recommended vaccines the State no longer pays for. We will have in our inventory, Pediatric Hepatitus-A, HPV (limited supply) and Meningococcal vaccines for children who are not eligible for state supplied WyVIP vaccines. Parents can call to see if we can bill their insurance and/or find out the cost of the vaccine which parents would need to pay. We recommend that you research the vaccine coverage your insurance provides ahead of time. Kid Care/CHIP coverage is considered insurance.

Why can’t the state keep paying for all vaccines?

More babies are being born, which means more kids to immunize. The costs of certain vaccines have gone up as they've been improved. New vaccines such as the one to help prevent chicken pox have been added to our program to meet expert recommendations. All of these things have put tremendous pressure on the program’s budget.

Is this change permanent?

The Wyoming Department of Health recognizes the value of investing in immunizations. We hope to return to full vaccine coverage should future budgets allow.