Certificate of Purchase Details

What is a Certificate of Purchase?

A person who pays the amount at the sale receives a Certificate of Purchase on that parcel. This certificate holder has no ownership, rights, or access to the property. The property owner has up to four years from the date of the sale to redeem their property. If redemption does not occur within the four years, a tax deed will be issued after proper notification to the property owner, which then allows you rights to the property.

Note: Delinquent tax on mobile homes and personal property is not collected using the process described above.

Certificate of Redemption

The legal owner or mortgage company of the property sold at the sale is entitled to redeem a Certificate of Purchase at any time within four years from the date of the tax sale. To redeem the owner must pay the amount of the Certificate of Purchase, a penalty of 3%, any special assessments attached to the lien, plus interest on any principal amounts at 15% per annum. Upon payment the owner will receive a Certificate of Redemption, which released the lien created by the Certificate of Purchase. 

Re-Assignment of Certificate of Purchase

After the sale, the Original Certificate process and filing procedures take approximately 1 week to complete. Our office has a 30 day waiting period before Certificate re-assignments can occur. To process this transaction, the original C.P. holder will need to retrieve the original document on file in the Treasurer’s office and complete the re-assignment form and sign the document in front of a notary. The re-assignment fee is $20.00.