All about Kids

Focusing on kids and families is key to Public Health's mission of working toward a healthier Uinta County! 

 Helping moms have healthy pregnancy outcomes, supporting parents to give kids the best start possible, and encouraging the teaching of healthy practices to kids is one of the best ways to promote a healthier way of being in our county. 
 This is why one of Public Health's main divisions is the "Maternal Child Health" division, and it is all about just that - promoting the health, safety, and development of kids and families. 

 To support families, we offer several great programs and services:

Healthy Baby Home Visitation:  During pregnancy and through the first 2 years of baby's life, a nurse will visit and offer support to help assure healthy moms and healthy, developing babies.  (This is a free service!)  See our brochure for more information.  

Prenatal Classes:  In partnership with Evanston Regional Hospital, we provide a series of prenatal classes to help expectant parents prepare for their baby's arrival.   Check out the Prenatal Class Schedule here.  

Breastfeeding Support:  We have nurses who are trained to help moms have success with their breastfeeding goals!  Nurses can come and visit, provide assessments and suggestions, and rent breast pumps in the comfort of your own home.

Pregnancy Testing:  We provide pregnancy testing along with nurse education and referrals to services if needed.

Community Baby Shower:   This baby shower is an "all things baby" celebration for moms and babies - before, during and after pregnancy.  This is an event that both celebrates and supports moms in the important work they do - striving to connect families to resources, sharing the latest & greatest baby info, and giving away fabulous baby-related door prizes!!!  Our Events page has all the information

Safe Kids:  Be sure to come and see us at our Annual Kid Safety Round-up on July 12th, 2022 in the Bridger Valley!  The Fairs are open to kids of all ages and raise awareness about preventable injuries in a fun atmosphere that both parents and kids can enjoy.    Don't miss it!!!   Our Events Page has all the information

Children's Special Health:  Families of children with special healthcare needs can get support and help in accessing healthcare and services.

Maternal High-Risk & Newborn Intensive Care:  Extra support and possible financial assistance with high-risk pregnancies and premature babies.   

Give us a call today to find out what these programs are all about. 

307-789-9203  or  307-787-3800 in the Bridger Valley.

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