Mental & Emotional Health

There are times after a disaster when you think you're coping, but then you realize you're not....not really.  Natural Disasters can impose hidden strains on your mental well being.  Without even knowing it, fears are sneaking into your every waking minute of every day, changing how you act and react.  This is a normal process your brain goes through to protect you, and while your actions may be out of the ordinary for you, there is help.

Don't let a Natural Disaster ruin relationships, keep you awake, cause you to develop unhealthy habits, or go through time of anger or crying.  There are professionals who deal with this type of associated behavior change.  And while you are sure you can work through it, sometimes we need a little extra help to recover.  Mental health is for every day of the year, in good times and bad.  You and your family count on everything returning to normal at some point in time.  Let us help make sure they do.

We have prepared an Emotional Health flier that may be able to get you started.