Before During & After in a Wildfire Area


There is a lot to consider when you live out in the country, and words like defensible space, go kit, preparedness, stabilization and erosion are probably not some you would even consider.  When you live in the Rocky Mountain region, Mother Nature controls all four seasons, and everything that happens in those seasons.  If you haven't thought about those words before now, perhaps you should.

Natural Disasters can strike at home or at the cabin, and may not happen in the middle of the day.  This page is about what you should be doing to your landscape, cabin, and surrounding area, before, during, and after a Natural Disaster such as a wildfire affects you.  

There are a million and one resources, and everyone has their favorites, but we are going to get you started with a few links right here.

Safety after Fire
Wildfire Area, B-D-A
Erosion & Water

Be Ready