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Eclipse Across America


It IS a big deal -     this is a once in a lifetime event! The thin path of totality will pass through portions of 14 states.   The last one in the US was in 1979, and the next eclipse in the US won't be until the year 2024!  This makes the eclipse a golden opportunity for all of us.  

Scientists and NASA are very involved in each eclipse event. For more of what they have found and shared, go to this site: Eclipse 101


Eye Safety & Eclipse blindness facts - Your eyes have lenses in them;  using them to look at the sun is like using a magnifying glass to concentrate the sun's rays.  This can cause solar retinopathy (eclipse retinopathy if looking at the eclipse).  It can be immediate & permanent, immediate & reversible, or delayed and progressive depending on your exposure.  NEVER look directly at the sun, even during an eclipse -unless it is during "totality'" without special viewing glasses!

Signs of eclipse retinopathy:  Reduced visual acuity (bad vision), blind spots, disruption or tinting of color perception, disruption or distortion of shapes, and light sensitivity.

Although it takes several seconds of direct sun exposure to cause solar retinopathy, that exposure can be cumulative over time.  Even looking at the sun for a fraction of a second can cause damage. If done repeatedly during the 2+ hours during partial eclipse, eye damage can occur.  If you think you may have burned your eyes, please contact your eye doctor or physician as soon as possible.  

If you are thinking you still have time to buy eclipse glasses, we tried 8/10/17 and the best delivery date we got was August 24th, so please keep that in mind.  USE ONLY "APPROVED" eclipse viewing glasses!!!  


A little Wyoming Hospitality-

It is projected there will be between 89,000 and 250,000 visitors to our State who come to view this event.  We are hoping everyone will share a little of our friendly "Wyoming hospitality" during this time.

We ask that you drive defensively and have no distractions while traveling.  Please do not drive with your eclipse glasses on - even during the eclipse!  Practice good driving, watch for others, and always be prepared for the unexpected.  Keep in mind most of our roads are two-lane roads and may become congested when one minor problem occurs.  Be sure to keep a full tank of gas, some food and water, and things to keep children occupied in case of delays.  Please also keep in mind that cellular coverage is spotty, so even if it's fully charged you may not be able to reach out for help in an emergency.

WYDOT has done some careful planning for our Wyoming roads and has issued the following resource for you:


Events & Websites

There are many events happening around us, and while you may want to join others, you may also want to host your own Eclipse Party.

Following are some websites that may help you find activities for people of all ages, and some interesting facts as well.  Enjoy!

Uinta County Information

NASA Eclipse Website           

Activities without Eclipse Glasses                 

Great American Eclipse                                                

Educational Resources

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