Wildfires & Health Concerns


July 4, 2018 was a hot day in Evanston, and many people came to visit and share time with their families.  However, a wildfire got out of control quickly in the middle of town, and endangered a lot of homes.  

For those who have health problems, this opened the door to another, much scarier scenario - not being able to breathe.  For those with chronic medical conditions, times like these can be life threatening.  If you had to evacuate, are you ready?  We have some tip sheets you can access here to help you get that way.

At Risk Groups and Wildfire Smoke

Evacuation for families

Be sure to also check out the Public Health Preparedness page on this website for wildfire information about clean up and defensible space around your home.   

Our fire season is just beginning, and with the hot and dry conditions we are experiencing after a long, wet Spring, we need to all get ready!  Please call if you have questions or concerns, we will do our best to get you the information you need.  Stay SAFE everyone!