Mobile Homes

Transportable Homes

In Wyoming, a Transportable Home is defined as the following:

  • Manufactured home - means a residential dwelling built in accordance with the Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards which is a unit more than 8 and 1/2 feet in width which is designed, constructed and equipped as a dwelling place, living abode or place of business to which wheels may be attached for movement upon streets and highways except a unit used primarily as a mobile laboratory or mobile office.
  • Modular home - means a residential dwelling constructed in a factory to a residential construction code other than the Federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards.
  • Pre-built home - means any residential dwelling that is wholly, or in substantial part, made, fabricated, formed or assembled in manufacturing facilities for installation or assembly on a building site. Pre-built home shall include, but not be limited to, a manufactured home, modular home and mobile home.

Change of Title/Ownership

The State of Wyoming only requires a Sales Tax on the first selling of a new Mobile Home. As mentioned in Wyoming Statute 39-15-103:
  • The tax imposed by this article upon the sale of a transportable home shall be collected upon the first sale of the transportable home. The tax shall be collected on seventy percent (70%) of the sales price of the transportable home. No sales tax shall be collected upon any subsequent sale of the home.
However, the current years property taxes need to be paid in order for a title to be transferred. If the current years taxes have not been set yet, the County Assessor's Office will issue a form for taxes due. This form is then brought to the Treasurer's Office for payment. A receipt is issued which is brought to the County Clerk's Office with the  seller's notarized title, and a new title is issued in the buyer's name.

Move Permit For A Mobile Home

As per Wyoming Statute 31-2-508, before any transportable home or portion thereof, whose original movement commences within the state of Wyoming is conveyed upon any street or highway, the owner shall present a proof of ownership for each portion of a pre-built or modular home, or a certificate of title if for a mobile home, to the county treasurer of the county in which the transportable home is located, and pay the current year's taxes as computed by the county treasurer. 

In the event the ad valorem levy has not been set for the current year, the current year's tax shall be computed upon the levy for the previous year. Upon full payment of the current year's taxes due, the county treasurer shall issue a receipt describing the transportable home and indicating the current year's taxes are paid. Upon presentation of the receipt to the director of the department of transportation, or his authorized representative, the owner may be issued an over-width permit.

Once you have meet the criteria (paid the property taxes in full and have provided proof of ownership) the County Assessor will fill out the application for the move permit. Once completed, the application will need to be submitted to the Evanston Port of Entry in order to obtain the move permit for the mobile home.