Victim & Witness Program

Innocent Victims of Crime

The innocent victims of crime have frequently been overlooked by our criminal justice system. Too often their pleas have gone unheeded and their wounds – personal, emotional and financial – have gone unattended. They are entitled to better treatment, and it is time to do something about it.


The Uinta County Victim/Witness Program was created to help victims cope with the stress of victimization and to ensure that victims receive the services they need and to serve as their advocate.
  • Emotional Support and Community Service Referrals
  • Crisis Intervention Services
  • Accompanying Victim/Witnesses to Court
  • Information about the Status of a Criminal Case
  • Scheduling of Testimony to Minimize Time
  • Notification of Scheduling Changes
  • Notification Prior to Subpoena Issuance
  • Assistance with Court Ordered Restitution
  • Assistant in Filing Victim Compensation Claims
  • Facilitating the Return of Evidence
  • Employer and Creditor Intervention Services
  • Transportation to and From Court, Medical, Interviews
  • Child Care when Needed for Appointments to Court