Dispatch Center 911

Code of Conduct for Emergency Communications Officers

I am committed to ensuring the safety of our citizens, law enforcement, fire and EMS personnel, as well as all persons in need of service. I will always represent my agency in a professional manner, and provide assistance to officers and the public in a compassionate, empathetic, responsible manner. I will continually show common courtesy and respect to the public, my co-workers and other agencies I assist. I will utilize my training and experiences in performing my duties and providing appropriate service in a timely, efficient and effective manner.

I will…
  • Hold the responsibility for the safety of others as my top priority.
  • Take great pride in the importance, diversity and difficulty of my work, continually preparing myself for the variety of calls I will handle.
  • Understand that my tone, attitude and mood can greatly affect the outcome of any situation, good or bad, and will not allow personal feelings; beliefs or problems to interfere with the way a person is treated or a situation is handled.
  • Treat everyone with the same courtesy, respect, value and compassion that I would expect in return, and accept responsibility for my mistakes and the result they cause.
  • Know that at all times I am representing my agency and co-workers, and will do so with professionalism both in and out of the workplace, and will never take advantage of my position for personal gain.
  • Answer each and every request for service with the appropriate response and urgency required, upholding the integrity of my agency, always keeping in mind that my reaction, response, or disregard could greatly affect the safety and lives of others.
  • Accept the fact that I am an invisible first responder, and although unseen, I am heard, and will never be discouraged from giving my all and doing my job to the best of my ability in the service of others.