Conditional Use Permits

In each zoning district there are permitted uses and conditional uses. Conditional uses, neither absolutely permitted as a right nor prohibited by law, and which may be compatible within a zoning district. A Conditional use permit must be applied for and approved by the Planning Commission and the Board of County Commissioners. 

The purpose of a Conditional Use Permit is to enable the County to exercise some measure of control over the extent of certain activities which, although desirable in limited numbers, could have a detrimental effect within the district if they were permitted in large numbers. 

All Conditional Use Permit application must be complete and include a site plan of proposed use (if applicable), a completed application including property owner signature, proof of ownership, and non-refundable application fees. 

Commission Review for Conditional Use Permits

Whether the proposed use would be consistent with the character and pattern of development of the area and whether it would create substantial adverse effects for legally established neighboring land uses. If the proposed use would create adverse effects on neighboring land uses, measures proposed to mitigate such effects shall be evaluated, and must be implemented as a condition of approval of the use. Whether the proposed use would cause significantly increased traffic on minor roads or streets. Whether the proposed use would meet the development and performance standards of Chapter 5 of the Uinta County Land Use Resolution. 


Conditional Use Permit (PDF)