Land Use / Building Permits

Purpose and Intent

The Uinta County Land Use and development regulations set forth in the Uinta County Land Use Plan Resolution 23-02 have been developed in accordance with Wyoming Statutes Annotated Title 18, Chapter 5, Section 18-5-201 to promote the general public health, safety, morals and welfare of Uinta County citizens by regulation the location and use of building and structures and the use or occupancy of plans for residence, recreation, agriculture, industry, commerce, public use and other purposes. 

Uinta County's Land Use Resolution shall apply to all private lands within the unincorporated portions of Uinta County, and to all public lands within the same area are legally subject to its provisions. Application for a Land Use Certificate for new construction, or alteration of a structure, shall be made on forms provided by the County. A Land Use Certificate application may be approved by the Planning Department. If you need an address assigned for a dwelling in conjunction with the Land Use Certificate, the application fee is $50.00. If the Land Use Certificate is for a barn or shop, something that doesn't require an address, the application fee is $25.00.

A few examples of uses not requiring a Use Certificate are as follows;

  • Grazing Livestock
  • Raising or Harvesting forage or grain crops
  • timber harvesting  (not to include plants which transform harvested timber into finished or semi finished products) 
  • public and private utilities (not to include commercial electrical plants, or large wastewater treatment facilities)

Regardless of the above examples, if the utility involves the erection of any structure, or building, or changes the use of land by coverage or enclosure or other methods, a Use Certificate is required.

Uinta County's Land Use Certificate Application


No person shall locate, erect, construct, reconstruct, enlarge, change, maintain or use any building, structure or land in violation of this resolution or amendments hereto adopted by the Board. Whoever violates any provision of Uinta County's Land Use Resolution shall be fined not more than seven hundred and fifty dollars ($750.00) for each separate violation.