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Sorry We Missed You! Field Inspection Questionnaire

  1. If you received a yellow door knocker on your door indicating that we were at your property, please fill out this form to update your property information. You can also fill out anytime that your property has changed or you want to update your information.
  2. Per Wyoming state statutes our office is required to complete a field inspection on every property in the county every 6 years. The better the data we have, the more accurate our assessments will be. If you would prefer to call our office, we can walk you through the questionnaire and even submit your responses for you. Our number is 307-783-0338. Thank you for taking the time to respond!
  3. Property Owner's Information
  4. Does building have a basement?
  5. Has building been remodeled since original build?
  6. Plumbing Fixtures
  7. Additional features (check all that apply):
  8. Secondary Heat:
  9. Would you describe interior of building as:
  10. Would you describe exterior of building as:
  11. Is there more than one building on this property?
  12. May we contact you if we have additional questions:
  13. Thank you for providing updated information on your property. Providing us with accurate information is important to us and helps us have more accurate property values. Please feel free to contact us with any questions at 307-783-0338.
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