Uinta County Blacksfork Campsite

Uinta County is now offering a Leave No Trace Campsite in the heart of the Uinta Mountains, west of the Blacksfork River Latitude  N: 41.04456° / Longitude W: 110.58327° . The campsite is available to reserve year round for $30.00 per night. 

The campsite is walk-in access only. No garbage or water services are available. This campsite is strictly haul in/haul out also known as Leave No Trace.

Occupancy is limited to 20 or less, with a maximum of a three night stay. 

Payment must be deposited and corresponding payment slip must be displayed on the dash of your vehicle prior to set-up of campsite. 

The facility was built in a partnership between Uinta County and Boy Scout Troop 911 in the Fall of 2016. 


Blacksfork Campsite
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