PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act)


PREA was passed by Congress on September 4, 2003. It seeks to eliminate sexual assaults and sexual misconduct in correctional institutions. 

 The Uinta County Sheriff’s Office takes steps to reduce sexual abuse by training staff in prevention and severity of consequences. The UCDC also informs inmates on PREA and how to report.


9 Purposes of PREA:

  1. Establish a zero-tolerance standard for incidence of prison rape.
  2. Make Prevention of prison rape a top priority.
  3. Develop and implement national standards for the detection, prevention, reduction and punishment.
  4. Increase available data and information on the incidences of prison rape, consequently improving the management and administration of correctional facilities.
  5. Standardize the definitions used for collecting data on the incidences.
  6. Increase the accountability of prison officials who fail to detect, prevent, reduce and punish.
  7. Protect the eight amendments rights of federal, state and local prisoners.
  8. Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of federal expenditures through grant programs such as health care/mental health/disease prevention.
  9. Reduce the costs that prison rape imposes on interstate commerce.



UCDC has a Zero Tolerance for sexual abuse or sexual harassment of inmates or staff.


If you are aware of a Uinta County inmate who is a victim  or witness to inappropriate sexual misconduct, assaults, sexual assaults, or sexual harassment,  please contact the PREA Coordinator Sgt. Brandi Jones at 307-783-1048 or .