Vehicle Registration & Plates

General Regulations

Wyoming issues new plates on all vehicles every eight years. The next new plate series will be issued in 2017 to vehicles displaying 2018 expiration stickers.

Reserved Numbers

Uinta County does set aside a number of plates as "reserved" for the people that have the plate in the current plate series. Reserved plate numbers are:
  • All Trailers: 1-250
  • Commercial Vehicles: 1-50
  • Handicapped-Accessible Vehicles: 1-20
  • Motorcycles: 1-50
  • MPVs: 1-25
  • Passenger Vehicles: 1-5,000
  • Trucks: 1-5,000

Reserved numbers may only be conveyed from one person to another if the registered owner gives notarized written permission to someone else indicating they are relinquishing the plate number. Counties may only issue plates that carry their county designation. Therefore, all plates issued at the Uinta County Treasurer's Office carry the prefix 19.

Residents of Wyoming may license their vehicles in any Wyoming county; however the county that receives the money keeps it for Distribution to Their Tax Entities, regardless of the residency of the vehicle owner.

Expiration Information

Plates always expire a year from the month the vehicle was purchased, or a year from the month the vehicle entered the state (if the vehicle was currently registered in another state). The registration must always be at least 12 months. However, someone purchasing a registration may always select a different month, by paying additional fees and moving the expiration date.

Dual Plates

Two license plates are issued for cars and trucks and both must be displayed - one in front and one in back in order for a vehicle to be legally licensed.