SIRENS - What to Do When They Sound?

Outdoor Warning Siren System

Uinta County operates 8 Outdoor Warning Sirens in Evanston designed to give reliable warning to persons outside. This is because people outdoors may not have the same access to warning and information via the media as those inside do. Also people, often in large numbers, gather outside in parks, playgrounds and ball-fields, etc. They need time to reach shelter and access information via the media.

Sirens Activation

The sirens activate for any major emergency facing the City. Sirens can provide warning but no details.  To get people’s attention (for example, if a hazardous chemical release forces us to evacuate part of the City, we may use the sirens, and then send out a CodeRed Message by Voice, or Text or Email or use IPAWS (Integrated Public Alert & Warning System)  which can  send information to the media to give official instructions.

Warning System Test Schedule

The County tests its Siren Warning System at 11:50 AM, every Wednesday each week, year round. If you are near a siren and it does not go off or goes off at another unscheduled time please call Uinta County Emergency Management at (307) 783-0327 or Dispatch at (307) 783-1000 to report the problem.

Evanston Warning Siren System