What to Do in Case of a Disaster

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Sirens System

Emergency Shelters

The Emergency Shelters List should be used as a guide only. When a Disaster happens, Shelter-In-Place at your home unless the hazard is there. Get more information on what and where the hazard is. Then find out where the shelters are open, if you are asked to evacuate your home. The Red Cross will open the shelters as needed and they may not be the ones on the following list. All schools and most churches can be used as shelters if needed. For More Information Call (307)783-0327.


  • Evanston High School Alternative Davis Middle School
  • Wyoming State Hospital Alternative Aspen Elementary
  • North Elementary Alternative Elm Street LDS Church
  • Hilliard LDS Church, Hilliard
  • Wyoming Downs, Almy

Bridger Valley

  • Mt. View Middle School Alternative Mt. View High School
  • Lyman High School Alternative Lyman Middle School
  • Ft. Bridger Elementary School Alternative American Legion Hall