Master Cattlemen


The Wyoming Master Cattleman program is designed to provide information on production strategies to producers and, more importantly, the program is designed to help producers make individual decisions on each of the production practices presented.

Program Sessions

The program will start with two sessions focused on tools for making decisions. The first session will help producers analyze their goals and their individual risk tolerances. The second session will focus on enterprise analysis. We will provide producers with information on how and what to analyze to determine if an enterprise will be financially successful.

Program Tools

After the tools sessions, the program will focus on production strategy sessions. The current proposal is for six sessions focused on various potential strategies.

The key to the success of the program is, at the end of each of the production strategy sessions, we will work through an example using the tools from earlier sessions. Each strategy will be ana­lyzed for its potential from a goals/risk perspective and financial “what if” analysis. The goal is not only to help producers determine if the produc­tion strategies we present will work, but also help producers better make that determination at other meetings and seminars they may attend.


Each class represents a two- to three-hour block of education. A minimum of six classes must be attended to receive a graduation certificate.

    Section 1 – The Tools

    • Class 1 - Goal development/risk management
    • Class 2 - Enterprise analysis
  • Section 2 – Production Strategies

    • Class 3 – Cull cow management
    • Class 4 – Retained ownership
    • Class 5 – Alternative calving dates
    • Class 6 – Bull buying
    • Class 7 – Niche market production – Natural/ organic
    • Class 8 – Animal ID – Management strategies, not mandatory regulations, for utilizing animal identification
  • Section 3 – Wrap Up and Dinner

    • Graduation – Dinner