Planning & Development

Planning & Development

Planning Department FormsCounty Maps


The Department is here to help with questions and problems dealing with:
· Land Use (Zoning) Issues
· Permitting of Small Wastewater (Septic) Systems
· Subdivision and Land Use Regulations
· Mapping and Geographic Information System (GIS) Capabilities in the County


The Planning Department is responsible for answering and writing reviews related to development, zoning, land use and issues including:

GIS Office & GPS Data

The GIS office deals with mapping, parcel ownership, GPS data collection and other assignments dealing with the representation of land and assets in the county. Custom designed maps are available for the cost of production. GIS data also available by contacting our office.

Code of the West

What you can expect when buying, building, or developing in Uinta County, Wyoming. The "Code of the West" was first chronicled by the western novelist, Zane Grey. Men and women who settled the western frontier were bound by an unwritten code of conduct. In keeping with that spirit, we offer this information to help people who have chosen to build and/or live in the unincorporated areas of Uinta County, Wyoming.