Personalized Plates

2017 PRESTIGEForms & Information About Personalized Plates

The Wyoming Department of Transportation issues personalized plates. Application forms can be picked up at any County Treasurer's Office or can be downloaded here. You can also apply online for your personalized plate

Personalized plates display the county designation and may have up to five letters or certain combinations of letters and numbers. Due to the numbering system, the state began using with the 2001 series plates, personalized plates having a combination of numbers and letters that begin with a number are not allowed. For example, MY65 is allowed while 65GT is not.

Fees & Series Run

Personalized plates cost $30 and are good for the life of the plate series. The current series is scheduled to run from 2017-2025.

The Application Process

Once the Department of Transportation receives the application, it takes approximately four to six weeks for the plate to arrive at the County Treasurer's Office. The plate is always sent to the county designated by the plate prefix, meaning that any 19-XXXX plate would have to be issued by Uinta County.

Personalized plates that say the same thing may be issued in different counties or on different vehicle types. There may be a 1-HUNT and a 19-HUNT as well as a HUNT for a trailer, truck, car and motorcycle.