Uinta County Drug Court Program

The Uinta County Drug Court (UCDC) program is designed for Uinta County citizens with severe drug and alcohol problems that have become involved with the justice system. UCDC is a highly intensive drug and alcohol treatment alternative for our judicial system. The UCDC was awarded a federal grant in November 1997, and began with its first in-jail treatment group; UCDC was the third jail based treatment option in the nation. UCDC has since conducted ninety-five groups and worked with more than seven hundred drug and alcohol offenders. The UCDC strives to provide Drug and Alcohol treatment and counseling to incarcerated individuals in need of “High Risk, High Need” or Intensive In-patient treatment, with long term after care. As the Uinta County Drug Court Program began to produce results, many other counties around the State of Wyoming looked to UCDC. There are over twenty active programs in Wyoming today.

A Participant in the program attends 6 weeks in-patient treatment, 2 weeks transitional Intensive Outpatient treatment, and a minimum of 46 weeks of transitional care. While in treatment the participant is required to attend treatment classes, counseling session, community service, Moral Recognition Therapy (MRT), continued scholastic education, family counseling, bi-monthly court reviews and many other services. Clients without a high-school diploma are required to obtain a GED prior to graduation. Employment is required during the program unless special circumstances exist that are approved by the Judge. All of these requirements help participants achieve and maintain long-term sobriety, and well-being, thereby reducing recidivism and becoming productive and safer in our communities.

Now in its 17th year, the UCDC continues to grow with the help and support of the past and current Uinta County Sheriff and his staff, CHOICES, Uinta County Attorney’s office, local municipalities and courts, local business and public support, the State of Wyoming as well as the many graduates that have enjoyed their successes and work with the UCDC to “pay it forward.” Uinta County Court Supervised Treatment program Graduates more participants state wide than any other programs.