Hepatitis B

Hepatitis B


is a liver disease that results from infection with the Hepatitis B virus.

It can range in severity from a mild illness lasting a few weeks to a serious, lifelong illness. Hepatitis B is usually spread when blood, semen, or another body fluid from a person infected with the Hepatitis B virus enters the body of someone who is not infected. This can happen through sexual contact with an infected person or sharing needles, syringes, or other drug-injection equipment.

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The best way to prevent Hepatitis B is by getting vaccinated. Most people today have been vaccinated for Hepatitis B. In adults, only approximately half of newly acquired HBV infections are symptomatic, and approximately 1% of reported cases result in acute liver failure and death.

Hepatitis B can also be passed from an infected mother to her baby at birth.

Hepatitis B can be either acute or chronic -
Acute Hepatitis B virus infection is a short-term illness that occurs within the first 6 months after someone is exposed to the Hepatitis B virus. Acute infection can — but does not always — lead to chronic infection.

Chronic Hepatitis B virus infection is a long-term illness that occurs when the Hepatitis B virus remains in a person’s body. Chronic Hepatitis B is a serious disease that can result in long-term health problems, and even death.

The primary risk factors that have been associated with infection are unprotected sex with an infected partner, birth to an infected mother, unprotected sex with more than one partner, men who have sex with other men (MSM), history of other STDs, and illegal injection drug use.

Uinta County Public Health can help you determine if you are at risk. We will ask simple questions about your risk factors, vaccine history, or any exposure history. We can do simple blood testing, and results are completely confidential.

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