Safe Kids                     

2016 Safe Kids
We are happy to report the number of participants increased again in 2017, and as promised, there was something for everyone!  We feel fortunate to have such a great group of partners who come together to make sure our kids are protected in every way possible.     2018 Event Report

As part of that protective circle, the Wyoming  Highway Patrol and Utah Highway Patrol  partner with the local law enforcement officers to check and certify car seats, as well as work with nurses from UCPH who fit helmets for kids who ride bikes.  A new promotion, Primary Children's Hospital and Castle Rock Chevrolet  teamed up in a "Kids in Hot Cars" demonstration that showed how deadly a car can be in the Summer.   They even baked cookies on the dashboard and handed out door hangers to remind parents to check in the back seat.  

One of the highlights is the door prizes that are given out to the kids.  This year's GRAND PRIZE will be a new bike at both the Evanston and Bridger Valley fairs which are donated by our Evanston WalMart.   You must register at the Registration Booth to be eligible to win!!!

Safe Kids is committed to reducing prevetable child injury.