Uinta County Mosquito Control

We all know how irritating mosquitoes can be in the summer, at times to the point that you can't enjoy the outdoors, but did you know mosquitoes are considered one of the deadliest animals in the world? They transmit diseases that kill over 1 million people a year worldwide. Learn more about mosquito management's role in protecting public health.

Mosquito Surveillance

Surveillance is key to any successful mosquito management program. Examples of surveillance include setting up traps and monitoring adult mosquito populations in an area. Learn how our partner in mosquito management, VDCI, in utilizing surveillance technology to help us better understand mosquito populations in our county. Mosquito Trap (JPG)

Mosquito Habitat

Want to know how you can protect yourself and remove mosquito habitat from your property? Click this link for a checklist of actions you can take to help protect yourself from being bitten by mosquitoes and reduce larval mosquito habitat.

BirdBath (JPG)