Corona Virus - COVID-19

VACCINES are arriving in Uinta County on a scheduled basis.    

We are excited to finally be receiving a vaccine that offers hope to the citizens of Uinta County, the people we work with, and are concerned about.  Both the Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines for COVID-19 were approved in late November and early December by an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) granted by the FDA.  

"Plans are currently being made for a COVID-19 Vaccination clinic for those 70 years and older.  Those 70 years old or older who are interested in receiving the vaccine, can register to be on the list for these clinics by completing registration online by filling in all of the information at this link:

 For those without a computer or smartphone or someone to help them register, we can accept calls in Evanston Tuesday through Thursday at 307-789-9203, and in the valley at 307-787-3800 Tuesday through Friday.

 Doses of vaccine are limited at this time. To fairly distribute it in this first clinic we will utilize a random drawing.   If your name was selected you will receive notification that will tell you the location, time, and date for you to receive your vaccine.  There will be no walk-ins for this clinic. You will only receive the vaccine if your name is on the list.  As vaccine is received we will notify of further clinics and do further selections.

 We will use all local media sources (Uinta County Herald and K-9 Radio) as well as social media (Facebook), and CodeRed to keep everyone informed when and where vaccinations will be given.  

Please follow us on Facebook, and if you haven't signed up for CodeRed yet, please click the link above and do it today.  We will do our best to keep you informed as we progress.  If you have questions, please give us a call!  

Please click on the Forms tab below to access the COVID-19 Vaccine Consent Form, Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) Form, and information about V-Safe which is an app to be able to report any side-effects or reactions to the vaccine.  

If you would like more information on the vaccines from the FDA, you can find it here

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