Subdivision means the creation or division of a lot, tract, parcel or other unit of land for the immediate or future purpose of sale, building development or redevelopment, for residential, recreation, industrial, commercial or public use. The word "subdivide" or any derivative thereof shall have reference to the term subdivision, including mobile home courts, the creation of which constitutes a subdivision of land.  (WSA §18-5-302)

The Subdivision Regulations were established to promote the public health, safety, welfare, and orderly growth of the County.  These regulations are enacted for the purpose of implementing procedures to regulate the subdivision of lands within the County consistent with the goals and policies of the County Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Plan and to minimize the loss of productive agricultural land.

The Subdivision Regulations shall not apply to parcels of land thirty five (35) acres or larger in size in land within Uinta County.

All Subdivision submittals shall include a completed application with landowner signature, proof of ownership, and non-refundable application fees.  See the individual application for additional submittal requirements.

Subdivision Permit Application

Uinta County Resolution 19-23 for Subdivision of Land

Subdivision Exemptions

Unless the method of sale or other disposition is adopted for the purpose of evading the Resolution for Subdivision of Land shall not apply to any subdivision of land that is a division of land this is made outside of platted subdivision for the purpose of a single gift or sale to a member of the landowners immediate family, subject to the following requirements:

  • A Member of the immediate family is limited to any person who is a natural or adopted child,  stepchild, spouse, sibling, grandchild, grandparent or parent of the landowner. 
  • The purpose of the division is to provide for the housing, business, or agriculture needs of the grantee. 
  • The land shall have been titled in the name of the grantor, or in the name of a trust controlled by the grantor in compliance with § 18-5-503. Parcels created under this paragraph shall be titled in the name of the immediate family member for whom the division is made. 
  • No parcel smaller than five (5) acres created under this subsection shall be further divided unless the owner obtains a subdivision permit pursuant to the Uinta County Resolution 19-23. 
  • Where the landowner is a business entity and eighty percent (80%) of the ownership interest or shares in the business entity are held by, or in the name of a trust controlled by individuals related by blood or marriage, the sale or gift may be made subject to the provision of this section to an immediate family member of the shareholder who has owned at least five percent (5%) of the outstanding shares for at least five (%) years continuously before the date of the sale or gift.