Mission, Values and Leadership Statement

Mission Statement

The mission of the Uinta County Sheriff's Office is: to advance the quality of a wide range of services to all citizens by exercising ingenuity, integrity and accountability in striving for solutions for individual and community demands through the wise and efficient use of public funds, equipment and available resources; and, to further a strong coordinated work effort that sustains a proper balance of priorities combined with adhering to the letter and the spirit of the law which promotes confidence, liberty and community solidarity


Each member of the Uinta County Sheriff's Office is a professional who is dedicated to providing quality service. Combining personal skills, knowledge, experience, and training; individuals form a competent and effective team. Trust, unity, respect, honesty, honor, dignity, commitment, fairness and compassion are our principle values.

The energy that motivates these values are communication, cooperation, teamwork, innovation, initiative and accountability. Our individual and collective integrity is measured according to our demonstration of these values. By our commitment to these values, we endeavor to maintain the highest ethical standard whereby we deliver our services to the public in the most professional manner.

Leadership Commitment

The supervisory and administrative staff further extends these values to the employees in that the staff recognizes that the employees are this agency’s greatest resource and most important asset. The very nature of supervisory responsibility recognizes human dignity as paramount and mandates that peers, supervisors and administrators treat employees fairly, honestly and equally.

The administrative staff of the Uinta County Sheriff's Office strives to develop mutual respect and trust among all employees at all levels to advance the professional prominence of individual employees and the sheriff’s office as a whole.

To sustain that effort, we will:
  • Foster and support loyalty and teamwork by communicating effectively.
  • Adhere to the problem-solving process – let facts, not emotions, drive decisions.
  • When possible, seek employees’ input before making and implementing decisions.
  • Manage on the behavior of most employees, not on the few who cause problems. Deal with all employees promptly and fairly.
  • Encourage creativity through risk taking and be tolerant of honest mistakes.
  • Encourage higher educational pursuits and assist in job enhancement.
  • Be a coach and facilitator. Develop an open atmosphere that encourages two-way communication that moves the agency in a positive direction.
  • Develop with employees’ agreed-upon, realistic goals and a plan to achieve them.
  • Provide as safe and accommodating environment as is reasonably possible in which to work.
Continue to examine processes and improve systems.