I don't want everyone to know what I paid!
Information on the Statement of Consideration is not public information and you are protected from random disclosure by provisions and penalties in Wyoming Statute 34-1-142. Persons appealing their assessment may review the sales information of properties that were used to determine their fair market value. The review period is only during the thirty-day appeal period. Property owners may not further disclose the sales information to other persons or property owners. The sales information may be introduced and revealed to the County Board of Equalization during a formal appeal, but further disclosure is prohibited.

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1. What is a Statement of Consideration?
2. I don't want everyone to know what I paid!
3. What does the assessor do with the information?
4. If I paid $86,000, why does my assessment schedule say $87,500?
5. Are all sales used in the market studies?
6. I want to pay my fair share. How can I ensure my property value is within reason?